About Ambiance

Ambiance Special Events LLC is a boutique style business etiquette and events consulting firm, first established in 2005. Ambiance offers success training solutions and event planning strategies to clients & organizations in the US and the US Virgin Islands. Ambiance Special Events LLC prides itself in valuing authenticity, trust, collaboration and diversity in all its forms.

CEO and founder, Michelle A Whyte is at the helm and heart of Ambiance Special Events LLC.

She is a Certified Business Etiquette Facilitator backed by the Emily Post Institute (the foremost industry experts on etiquette for nearly a century), as well as, a Four Lenses Personality Temperament Facilitator. Four Lenses is the universal companion to any training or initiative. This foundational training helps individuals and organizations establish a common language and value system for diverse perspectives and unique talents in the workplace, in the classroom, or simply in life.

Whyte has over 15 years experience in coordinating and executing weddings and social affairs; providing direction, guidance, strategy, and planning support to individuals and organizations seeking excellence even in celebration.

Michelle is one woman on a mission to enhance the humanity in human resources. She works tirelessly to provide real, raw, and relevant tools that clients can use today, not some day.

To fully experience and enjoy a successful life, is the Ambiance way.

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